Thursday, November 22, 2012

A recommended reading

Anyone who has a slightest interest in Buddhism would be well advised to read a small book entitled "The Pali Canon: What a Buddhist Must Know", by venerable P.A. Payutto. It was finely translated into English by Dr. Somseen Chanawangsa. The book, among hundred others (mostly in Thai) is available at Wat Nyanaveskawan's website.

I have read the Thai version first, then quickly browsed through the English translation quickly. It is a very good introduction to the Buddhist scriptures for the Theravada branch of Buddhism.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I started writing a Dhamma book

I have exited from monkhood and came out from the forest. Back to civilization again.

I thought if I would remain as a monk in the forest, I would be of little use for Thai farmers. They invited monks for chanting, and they donated stuff to us to make merits. We were the recipients so that they could make merits. I did not have a chance to give a discourse to anyone. (Yeah. I know I still know too little to give a discourse. But I have given advises to someones already.) It would be a waste to have a Ph.D monk to teach nobody. Also I have my original family living in town as well.

Now I started a project to write a Dhamma book, in English, based on all sort of experiences, including meditations, and various paranormal things I have encountered, and accurate Buddhist metaphysical texts as well. It 's going to be a while before I can finish. It might be in a novel form.