Monday, March 21, 2011

The so called Sotāpanna is also temporary

After Vipassana for only a few months, a person supposedly called a Sotāpanna could become a so called Sakadagami, or level 2 developed person, or level 2 Sekha (studying person). How it can be known ? If a meditator has developed his peaceful meditation skill up to a Jhana level, he would be able to tell from the experience inside the Jhana.
As far as the feeling of the meditator is concerned, there is nothing special to be proud of. Since the selfness, also called Atta, is long gone, after becoming a Sotapanna, there is actually no "me" or anyone to feel proud of the accomplishment at all. It is just another emotionally neutral experience. Since this blog is aimed at sharing meditation experience, it would not be wise to quit this blog and start a new one called Sakadagami-wise. :-)

The short term duration of Sotapanna state demonstrated the fact Buddha taught called the Tilukkhana, or the 3 characters of all things. a) the ever changing nature, thus called suffering called Dukkhata. b) The transient or temporary nature is called Aniccata. c) Independence from mind-control nature is called Anatta.

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