Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look back a year before

I agree to the sentence "Time flies". Yes, time proceeds at its usual pace but when we forgot about it and went back to see what happened in the past, one can realize that the time passed so quickly.

This is a group picture of the monks at my temple, Wat Prasatdin, in Phakdeechumphol district, Chaiyaphum province. I was one of them. During the previous rainy season, the Buddhist lent, there were around 14 monks there, including our master. (I had to say around because sometimes people came in to be ordained for a short period, say 2 weeks or 1 month, and they left.)  I was a monk for around 7 months and I have got what I deserved. I personally believe that my progress in Dhamma was better than winning a multimillion Baht jackpot.

Of the 9 monks in the picture, as far as I know, 5 remained  monks so far, although 2 moved to study in other temples.

Notice the color of our Civara (clothings) ?  That was unusual for Theravada monks in Thailand, looks almost like the color of Tibetan monk's. According to Buddhist Scriptures, this color might be a color most similar to the color of Buddha's Civara.

I earlier took a picture of our temple, with prominent 'castle' at the center, from a a nearby hill but higher above so that one can appreciate our serene surrounding.

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