Sunday, July 7, 2013

Buddha has the ultimate ESP and psychic powers

Western philosophers tend to consider Buddha as just another ancient thinker, indifferent from other ancient teachers and Greek sophists. I don't blame them for the lack of insights. For those who have not experiences ESP (extrasensory perception), it might be hard to believe. That 's probably why western-school philosophers have not considered the Buddha as the one with ultimate ESP and psychic powers. Why do I 'know' this ? From my experiences. Not only did I saw many Buddhist monks who have those, I also have those power occasionally, when the mind was in the right state, with full-awareness and relaxed, with no desire, no ill-tempered, not wandering away on various external stories. So even modern day's Buddhist monks have those powers, why would not the Buddha have ones which are even more powerful. In fact, stories in various sutras in the Tipitaka (the Buddhist scriptures) told of those stories, but are ignored by materialistic philosophers.

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