Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to develop the mind beyond Sotāpanna step ?

Well, just keep on meditating, both Samatha (peaceful way), and Vipassana (contemplative). The first way is to strengthen the mind: it 's like to give it a deep sleep. The latter is to let it work after it got its full rest by inspecting carefully the Tri-Luksana (the 3 characters) I mentioned in earlier post.

When the mind is fully developed in its stage, it would move itself to the next level, like a chick breaking out from the egg's shell after it's fully matured enough. In the process of enlightment for each level, the mind would enter a deep Jhana state, would experience Nirvana briefly, and light might be noticed.

A first enlightment moved the state of mind stream of a person from layman to that of a Sotāpanna.

The second enlightment moved the state further to be that of a Sakadagami. At this stage, he or she would have less attachment to wealth, fame, less sexual desire (but prefer more serene hapiness state of the mind under meditation), less negative emotions (angers, envy, selfishness, arrogance, etc.).

The third enlightment moved the mind stream further to that of a Anagami. He or she would no longer want sex, and would no longer have anger and other negative feeling. He would treat other people offending him with kindness, or in the worst case, with neutrality feeling. He would put his most attention to meditation and serenity and happiness associated with it, being able to do other life's activity like talking to other people, concurrently with meditational activity inside in mind in his day-to-day activities.

The fourth enlightment would move the mind stream to that of an Arahant. He or she would be able to feel the utmost serenity of Nirvana any time he wishes.

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