Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why need to practice to become Sotāpanna

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, as a fact. Every animals, in this life frequency as human beings, or those in other frequencies (regarded as ghosts, angels, demons, etc.) are Earth's living animals like humans as well. Mental current, one can think of as pulses of mind spheres or blinking lights, each pulse started and existed for a short time and terminated, is a key component of the animals (man included). Mental current may have different quality, fair one can be coupled to fertilized and developed human embryo and formed a living fetus. Bad one or better one can be coupled to physical embryonic bodies (including energy) to form other live forms (even hard to visualize by most people) on this Earth. Mental stream from a dying person, may leave the physical body to couple in a new life form, depending on the terminal mental quality of dying person. What I just briefly described here explain a scientific-compatible teaching of Buddha about birth of all animals and creatures (except for plants and microbes).

Sotāpanna, the first level of the morally developed person, is the person whose quality of his mental current is above of lay person's. So there is a guarantee that his mental stream will always improve its quality, eventually to attain Nirvana in the long run.

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