Saturday, July 17, 2010


Buddhanusati comprises of these roots:- Buddha = the one who knows, the observer, the awaken one, the enlighten one. Anusati = small reminder, small recall

One way to meditate is to use Buddhanusati, to deeply appreciate and feel thankful for his life-long efforts toward helping mankind escaping from the birth-death life cycles, which has a lasting effects for billions of people over the past 25 centuries up to now.

The picture shows the Buddha Image for the "First Buddha" at Wat Thasoong's 100 meter long Vihara.

Perhaps I should add that, the time line in Buddhism is infinity. What I means is that there is time beyond the birth of the Universe and time beyond the destruction of the Universe. The Universe started some billions of years ago, and will exist for sometime fore it collapse and terminate. There were infinite number of Universe terminated. And there will be infinite number of the Universe to come. As such, this means that the current Buddha as we know and respect him is among millions of Buddhas, if we would include them all from the past. And there are billions of Bhodisatva awaiting in line to become future Buddhas in the next coming Universe. Nevertheless, some Buddhists believe there is the First Buddha in the far past and highly revere him as well as they revere the current Buddha.

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