Saturday, July 17, 2010


Morananusati has following Pali roots: Morana = death, anusati = small recall, reminder

Another way to meditate is to ponder about death. Buddha once said to Anandha, according to Tipitaka, that it is not good enough to think of death a hundred times a day, he himself had awareness of death during every breathing.

The picture shows a unique Buddha image posture not found elsewhere, the cremation posture. From Tipitake, cremation of Buddha was put on hold for 7 days awaiting arrival of Phra Maha Gassapa, a very senior monk. (Phra = Monk) When he arrived near Kusinara, and proceeded to pay homage to Buddha's body, his feets protruded from the bandaged white clothes to accept the homage. Soon flame erupted to cremate the Buddha.

The image was taken at a Wat in Pitsanulok, Thailand. I did not write down the name.

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