Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starting Sotapanna-wise blog

Sotāpanna, or stream enterer, is one who has purified the mind stream sufficiently to a level that its mental stage has irreversibly entered into the stream toward Nirvana (Nibbana), this is in analogy to water entering a stream then flowing into bigger and bigger rivers, and ultimately reaching an ocean. A Sotapanna is still considered a student, called Sekha person, for only an Arahanta or Arahant is one who finished the study and called Asekha person. (Sekha is a Pali term means studying while Asekha means no longer studying)

This blog is aimed to record an internal experience of "someone" during the course of his practical study. Prospectively, the blogs might provide useful insights for someone in the future. If this turns out to be true for "you", "I" would like to congratulate "you" in advance, as it is often said in Pali "Anumodhami, Sathu".

(Note: The concept of "I", "you", "person", etc. are not ultimate truths in Buddhist metaphysics. That 's why I put them in quotes, if I don't forget to put them where they should be, that is.)

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